Globally, document management systems are proving to be successful for many organizations. Global Newswire projects that the document management system market will grow by 16.8% by 2029. This is consistent with the move towards digital by many businesses. Nevertheless, not all document management systems are right for every organization. We will discuss misconceptions about document […]

There has been a significant rise in the expectation of clients, partners, support staff, and vendors that has driven law firms to adopt new cloud-based solutions to match the evolving needs of the legal profession. Just a few years ago these needs have challenged even the most robust secure remote access solutions available to the […]

Managing your data isn’t just about protecting you and your clients from cyber-threats, it’s about generating actionable insights into your business processes and opportunities to enhance your business practices and client service. This article explores the principles and opportunities of practical data governance and how they can be applied to keep your firm more secure […]