Information is
The Lifeblood of
Every Business...

...and Technology is the framework used to provide that information. Do you and your decision makers have the information and the underlying technologies to drive favorable business outcomes?

The I³ Philosophy
How our approach leads to real growth:

The I³ Philosophy was developed by IVIONICS to better understand how a business' current state of IT efficiency and effectiveness could be used to determine the most logical and necessary next steps to business growth. It is about understanding where your business is and where it could be if effective changes to your IT infrastructure were to take place.

Case Studies
IT Finances Case Study

The Problem
A high-profile dental health benefits provider had concerns about its overall IT spend – more than $13 million annually – and the lack of transparency and control over its IT-related operating and capital expenditures. Outside of providing more clarity to its current IT expense position, the firm was particularly interested in understanding how to put a robust business case process in place to ensure that all future IT investments that are made are appropriate and will provide the expected return (i.e. revenue generation, cost reduction, staff productivity increase, etc.)

Our Approach
IVIONICS performed a zero-based budget engagement, whereby all IT operating and capital expenditures, including in-house and external staffing resources, were discovered and centrally documented and analyzed. Ultimately, each expense line item was classified based upon expense type, amount and need (Must Have, Nice to Have, Not Needed)...

IT Transformation Case Study

The Problem
A billion dollar, not-for-profit purchasing cooperative was struggling with many IT-related concerns. These included outdated and unstable infrastructure, an application development team that was unable to provide short-term solutions to maintaining existing applications or even implementing new functionality. Their portfolio of IT services was not properly aligned with the business. As a result, "Shadow IT" (the unsanctioned IT initiatives implemented by the business) was rampant.

Our Approach
IVIONICS performed an initial assessment of the firm's systems, applications and IT organization. Using our proven I3 methodology for measuring the maturity of a firm's IT operations and its overall effectiveness, the IVIONICS team analyzed all aspects of the customer's IT function and assigned real-world, business-impacting risk to each functional area.

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