A Complete Digital Transformation for a Non-For-Profit Purchasing Cooperative


$1 Billion Not-For-Profit Purchasing Cooperative

A large purchasing cooperative for non-for-profit organizations struggled with IT-related functions and processes. The client’s IT infrastructure was outdated and not functioning smoothly. Their application development team was unable to provide a short-term solution to maintain their existing applications or implement a fix.  In speaking further with the client and understanding the way the company functioned and how IT services were instituted, it was found that procedures didn’t align properly with business processes. The ongoing IT struggles created unsanctioned IT initiatives company-wide to work around the shortcomings of systems and processes.


IVIONICS conducted an initial assessment of business systems, applications, and IT organization. We measured the maturity of the organization’s IT operations and their overall effectiveness. The IVIONICS team then analyzed all aspects of the client’s IT function and assessed the risks to those areas.

Collaboratively working with the client, actionable recommendations were prioritized to address the most critical and impactful areas first. All aspects surrounding technology needs, budget constraints, company culture, and change management were considered throughout the entire process.

The assessment process provided several items that both the client and IVIONICS shared equal responsibility for implementing. All guidance and quality assurance were conducted by the IVIONICS team. Based on the assessment the following items were to be addressed:

  • Digital Transformation: Aligning the client’s IT budget spending with their business development goals to find a comprehensive 3-year strategy in which the IT process will be instituted company-wide. Addressing the aging and unstable technology that was in place using best-practice configuration standards, virtualization, and consolidation.
  • TechRisk: Providing consistent, efficient, best-practice processes and procedures based upon the ITIL service framework.
  • TechOps: Performing the necessary production support and correcting any bug issues on hardware/software systems. Providing Help Desk, Desktop Support, System Monitoring, and Preventative Maintenance services



18% Reduction

in Reported Support Incidents

10% Increase

in Staff


Several improvements were made company-wide, not limited to IT practices.

  • IT infrastructure was more stable and secure. Eliminating downtime, reducing support incidents, and increasing workflow productivity.
  • Client’s internal IT development team was able to move other strategic initiatives through the support of the IVIONICS application development team.
  • All backlogged production support and bug-fix requests were rectified.
  • Elimination of unsanctioned IT initiatives. The client’s IT department was viewed as a trusted business collaborator to address strategic business initiatives and not just as a support service provider.
  • IT audits are passed through the appropriate IT-related policies, procedures, and practices to ensure control over the IT operating environment.
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